Health coach will nebulize to cure asthma


   You have probably wondered why you or your child has asthma.  Why you are joined at the hip with an inhaler? Why you had to rush your child to the emergency room because the attack was so severe you feared for his life?  Let a health coach show you how to nebulize natural substances that promote a natural cure.

     Changing the course of asthma is unique for every person or child.  And it involves a thorough evaluation to search for the particular cause.  Most of the time, when the cause is found, asthma symptoms disappear or become minimal.

Here are the things I look for and ask and check when I am treating an asthma patient.

Do you have carpet?  Do you have food sensitivities? What detergent do you use?

Do you use a fabric softener?  Do you eat sugar?   When did you have the latest lab work?  Are you hypothyroid?  And on and on and on and on.

When I have gained an extensive amount of information about your uniqueness as a person, I will create a plan to change the course of your asthma.  I will use the principles of functional medicine which are to find the root cause of disease and eliminate it.

The treatment is multi-faceted:  Nutrition, lifestyle, acupuncture, herbs, supplements and counseling.  Most diseases are linked to emotions so the emotional health of the asthmatic has to be addressed. It is impossible to separate the two. Explore the functional medicine approach to your asthmatic condition.  It could turn the health of you or your child around for life.   

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