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Betty McDonald, L.Ac.

Graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture.

Graduate of the School of Applied Functional Medicine

            In 2016, she was inspired by Tracy Harrison of the Applied School of Functional Medicine, who taught that health issues can be transformed and chronic diseases be reversed by getting to the root cause of illness.   This was the answer she had been looking for.  A more effective and innovative  way to treat diabetes, heart disease, digestive and autoimmune disorders that didn't respond well to conventional care. 

           The realization that chronic disease can be reversed or put in remission by using the principles of functional medicine was a turning point in her health and that of her patients..  She began to focus on healing the gut, feeding the soul, nourishing the mitochondria and eliminating toxicity

         She also realized the importance of one on one, personal care that is customized for each and every patient.  That each person is unique in their experience with any health issue and its resolution. 

         Some of her greatest successes have come from treating patients who live far away and cannot travel because of distance and being unwell.  Getting to the know the person, the health issue, and what course of care to take, can be done  easily by phone or zoom. 

     Whether the patient is sitting in front of her, on the phone, or on video chat,  she exhibits the relentless determination of a detective getting to the root of every health issue.        



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