No more inhalers, trips to the emergency room, pharmaceuticals,  antibiotics or ear tubes.

Betty solves these issues through acupuncture and herbal medicine, deep scrutiny of labwork and scientific testing.

She specializes in all aspects of comprehensive holistic care to find out exactly what is causing a child to have health problems.

And, it could be nutrition, environmental, or emotional.

Find out why your child is not enjoying 100% optimal health.

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Were labs ordered by your doctor when you went for your yearly physical?  When they came back, did he tell you that you were just fine?   

Of course, when you went to your appointment, you told him you were having headaches, couldn't sleep well, were depressed, and your back hurt. Obviously, you aren't feeling fine.

Labwork results are intended to show a disease state so that you can be medicated to cover the symptoms. Conventional medicine is not prepared to look for the underlying reasons that you don't feel well, so don't expect that. They are doing their job. 

They save our lives when we are critically ill, are masters of emergency medicine and intervene when we are in a life or death state.  My hat is off! The fact is, a state of dis-ease exists in the body long before a chronic disease is established and medication is needed. Your body is so intelligent and struggles to let you know through pain and discomfort that something isn't right.  All you have to do is listen.

 Finding the source of your symptoms, whether it is environmental, emotional, nutritional or toxic, is the heart and soul of functional medicine.  I find it extremely rewarding to support a client struggling to make sense of what they are experiencing and get to the source of the discomfort and eliminate it.


Abdominal adhesions are very often part of the healing response after surgery.  For years, they may pose no problem until one day you feel cramping in your abdomen, tightness, diarrhea or constipation.  Sometimes these fibrous bands can cause life-threatening blockages and require surgery.

Surgery isn't the answer in most cases as that simply sets you up for more adhesions.  

If adhesion pain has controlled your life, you know how awful it can be and how much joy it can steal away from you.

Visceral Manipulation is a form of massage that stretches the fibrous adhesions and allows the organs to resume a more natural position that is unrestricted.  It works. However, very few physical therapists are trained properly in this area and they are absolute jewels of the healing arts.

  If you are interested in more information regarding contacts for this therapy, please call or email me.   Take heart, there is a way to make this seemingly impossible condition much better.


I have a number of clients who experience UTI's much too often.  Conventional treatment is always a course of antibiotics which can wipe out the gut flora and set the body up for digestive issues later.  

So, avoiding the use of antibiotics is very important.. In most cases, the following plan will wipe out the UTI and save your gut.

First, alkalize your urine by avoiding acidic substances such as coffee.  Lots of greens will help to alkalize the urine.

Second,  take 1000 mg. of D-Mannose, a sugar that the E-Coli loves to eat, so that the bacteria don't adhere to the wall of the bladder, but exit with the D-Mannose.

Third, Use the herbal extract Uva Ursi, 1000 mg twice a day, 

Use both of these for 5 days.  In most cases, the UTI will disappear.

You can also avoid UTIs by taking showers instead of baths so that the bacteria cannot enter from the water.    If you are menopausal and have dry vaginal tissue, ask your doctor for Estriol cream which is another way to avoid another UTI.

Occasionally, hospital acquired UTI's can be more difficult to treat, particularly if several superbugs are involved such as Citrobacter, Klebsiella and MRSA.  Rather than get locked into continuous rounds of antibiotics and eventual resistance to the pathogen, another course of action can be considered.

There are some progressive integrative doctors who use OZONE insufflation of the urethra to wipe out these bacteria.  Ozone is oxygen with an extra oxygen molecule, and is a powerful healing agent for most conditions. You can find more information about ozone bladder insufflation on line.  It works.

Why treat systemically when you can treat locally without the side effects of antibiotics.



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