Conquering interstitial cystitis through functional medicine


Good morning to everyone in the Coachella Valley and wherever you are in the world.

I get a lot of calls from women with cystitis and UTI'S that never seem to get resolved.

If your issues aren't resolving, it could be for several reasons

FIRST: If you truly do have an infection, there is a 30% chance a culture will not show it.  You have to show at least 10,000 germ families to register positive.   If you don't, the doctor will tell you that you are negative, (not always so)

Why?  Diagnostics are designed for the average patient and there is no average patient.

All patients are unique.

The only definitive test for infection is DNA.  Wow!  And DNA doesn't lie.

In 24 hours you will know exactly what microbe may be lurking in your body perhaps for years.

The test is MICROGENDX.   Insurance usually pays for it.

SECOND:  If there is no infection, and that must be established first, then the source of the pain and discomfort  lies somewhere else

Often the immune system has been offended in some way and started attacking the urinary system, perhaps the weakest organ of your body.  We don't know why, but it is different for everyone.

Let's fast forward to a positive outlook!

Can you imagine no more burning urination and cramping abdominal pain?  No more painful sex!  Imagine that your body and mind are finally at peace.  Stress gone!  Pain gone!  

Stop the endless string of doctor visits and symptom suppressing medications, and let's find out why  you can't get well.

I am local, but it doesn't matter.   I can treat you anywhere you are.  

Call, text or email.

Are you taking too much calcium?


Allowing too much calcium to run wild in your body can cause it to be deposited in soft tissue,  the arteries and the heart.  Take no more than 800 mg. a day,  preferably in divided amounts.

 Learn more about the dangers of too much calcium and get answers to health problems not solved by your last doctor visit. 

  Make an appointment with health coach Betty McDonald now.   She gets to the root of your fatigue,  autoimmune condition, or any condition that keeps you from having optimal health.   


       You deserve a deep peaceful night's sleep.   Not getting it?  Call and make an appointment to find out why.  Drug free, of course!

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