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Good morning to everyone in the Coachella Valley, Republic of Georgia, Tel Aviv, New York, Warsaw, or wherever you are in the world.  Long distance health care is here.

My role as a health coach is to inspire, educate and empower women to take control over whatever chronic condition impairs their quality of life.


She came to me because she was incredibly tired, just tired.  She couldn't dance anymore, and simply wanted to sleep.  I urged her to get the appropriate lab work and there it was.

Third stage kidney failure, high creatinine, and no one had mentioned it in her last two years of blood work

She is now on a special diet for kidneys, her creatinine is down, her energy is way up, and she is going dancing again.

Has something been missed or not acknowledged to the point of change in your lab work?

Make sure you have copies of all your tests on paper or on the computer.

Mrs. D.'s case is not unusual.

This is the wonderful thing about functional medicine.  There are a thousand reasons why someone may be tired, but finding out WHY is what it is all about!

If you struggle everyday on several medications just to control the pain of fibromyalgia, RA,  CFS or any other painful chronic illness , there is another way.  The answer lies in getting to the root or the WHY of the condition.   Learn  about medicine for the 21st Century.

Foot Pain

Plantar fasciitis, crushed foot, or hard surface foot pain is not always resolved locally.  Poor general health or undiagnosed conditions can be at the root.

Also, you are unlikely to get better if your feet are cold as good circulation of blood carrying oxygen is necessary to reduce inflammation and pain.  I recommend the Infarad lamp from China found on Amazon along with acupunture.   The best alternative is hyperbaric oxygen forced into every cell healing as it goes.  A local hyperbaric chamber can be found on Cook Street



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