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My role as a health coach is to inspire, educate and empower women to take control over whatever chronic condition impairs their quality of life.


I have a client who comes for acupuncture every two weeks  for the pain of fibromyalgia, which, although it will help, will keep coming back.  She has so embraced and accepted the pain, she can't imagine that there is a way to get well.  Like a fire, or a bad  rumor, it had to start somewhere.

My job is to find the source of the pain and eliminate it. 

Never think that your pain is forever because it doesn't have to be.  And further, the source of pain is different for every  person with this condition so western medicine can only suppress the symptoms.   You can take back your life with support and care using principles of functional medicine.  Think about it!

When was the last time you felt really, really, great.  You had no pain, had lots of energy, no depression, life was great.  Not just ok, but great.  Age, toxicity, and stress take their toll.  But there is a way back.  Sometimes the answer is in your lab work, sometimes your lifestyle, but the answers are there.  Let me help you walk back to that time.  Without support it is hard to do.  Kind of like fixing your own car.  Not my thing.  Mrs. D, in my earlier post, whom I found to be in kidney failure, will go off medication in two weeks by order of the doctor.  This is an absolute triumph for this woman who has had high blood pressure all her life.


A personal thanks to the Doctors and Natalie at the Georgian-American Phage Therapy Center in the Republic of Georgia.    I traveled 28,000 miles roundtrip in 4 days to pick up the cure for a UTI, resistant to all antibiotics  and it is working .  Phagetherapy is the future of infectious disease medicine and the alternative to repeated prescriptions for Macrobid and Cipro that take the infection down to a point and then it comes back.  The damage that antibiotics do to the diversity of good bacteria in the gut can have a serious effect on the immune system.  Read, learn, call me with your questions about phagetherapy and tell me your experience with infections that have lingered, or returned  time after time.

By the way, underlying every case of INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS is a simmering low infection and your doctor may not find it.  The ancient, dinosaur technology of urine culturing will not reveal it as

only DNA technology of Microgen  Dx will pick it up.  The problem is that doctors follow the "Standard of Care" i.e. the culture, and most won't recognize this test.   More and more doctors are using it , however.    The result is that patients are left to suffer until they reach an arbitrary diagnostic level.   And that is sad.   Urologists are useless unless you have a structural problem, and their treatment is just more cystoscopes, cultures, pain meds, but you never get well.

I have a 31 year old patient who has had an infection since she was 13.  What a life.  Urgency, pain, impossible to have intimate encounters.  Good news is she is on the road to getting well.

Love Your Doctor

.  The medical profession harbors a terrible, terrible secret of which few people are aware.  Everyday, a doctor dies by suicide.  Three to four hundred a year.  You may only hear he/she passed away but rarely the real cause.  Stress, losing a patient, unbearable hours in medical school, fear of making a mistake, access to drugs, are all part of the problem.  If a physician seeks psychological help, he/she must often go to another town and seek counsel under an assumed name to protect his/her image.  Try to schedule a viewing of a documentary called  "Do No Harm", made by a doctor who has a suicide hotline for doctors.   Go to this site where you will see evidence of a sick culture dominated by sleep deprivation, bullying and fear of seeking help.…/9…/do-no-harm-documentary-film




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