Conquering interstitial cystitis through functional medicine


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Conquering IC, UTI'S and Pelvic Floor Pain


I get a lot of calls from women with cystitis and UTI'S that never seem to get resolved.

If your issues aren't resolving, it could be for several reasons

Are you living with recurrent Uti's?   Are you taking course after course of antibiotics only to have the symptoms return? Learn about how to get off this merry-go-round!  Phage therapy,and functional medicine support to boost the immune system,.


Stop urine culturing!   A 120 year old diagnostic and dinosaur medicine.  Twenty-first century diagnostics are here and so is the cure for urinary tract infections without antibiotics.   


The superbugs that are coming out of hospitals threaten lives and are making a once relatively easily treated condition very hard to overcome.  In fact, some strains of bacteria only respond to one or two 

Want to know more?


Are biofilms affecting you ability to kick your uti?   Keep reading.


FIRST: If you truly do have an infection, there is a 30% chance a culture will not show it.  You have to show at least 10,000 germ families to register positive.   If you don't, the doctor will tell you that you are negative, (not always so)

Why?  Diagnostics are designed for the average patient and there is no average patient.

All patients are unique.

The only definitive test for infection is DNA.  Wow!  And DNA doesn't lie.

In 24 hours you will know exactly what microbe may be lurking in your body perhaps for years.

The test is MICROGENDX.   Insurance usually pays for it.

Once I have tested my urine for microbes and confirmed an infection, what is the next step?

You will be prescribed the appropriate antibiotics for a length of time and then test your urine again with Microgen DX.   Order the test yourself and if you have an issue with the doctor signing, find another doctor.   If it is a complicated hospital infection, or becoming chronic, go the Phage route.

SECOND:  If there is no infection, and that must be established first, then the source of the pain and discomfort  lies somewhere else

Often the immune system has been offended in some way and has started attacking the urinary system, perhaps the weakest organ of your body.  We don't know why, but it is different for everyone.


Can you imagine no more burning urination and cramping abdominal pain?  No more painful sex!  Imagine that your body and mind are finally at peace.  Stress gone!  Pain gone!  

Stop the endless string of doctor visits and symptom suppressing medications, and let's find out why  you can't get well.

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  Chronic uti's become more resistant to antibiotics as biofilms form that protect the bacteria in your bladder.  To put it simply, the bacteria are no longer planktonic, or floating around in your urine.  They have now attached themselves to the wall of the bladder and have created a gooey substance that surrounds them called a biofilm.   The biofilm makes treating the infection much more difficult.

Biofilms can also form on devices such as catheters and other devices that make their way into the body and cause infection.   Biofilms are more likely to form  when antibiotics are used more frequently for a long time.  The bacteria become smarter, hide better, and antibiotics become ineffective.


Unwelcome strangers that follow many people home  after even  a short hospital stay.

For some, a short antibiotic protocol will take care of it, but for many a different scenario ensues.

Infusion centers are overflowing with people with complicated infections and are revolving doors for some who go back over and over for five even seven years.   They dutifully file through the door with heads down like sheep hoping that this will be the last time, believing their doctor is doing his best and that this is the only way



After the second world war, eastern Europe was poor and antibiotics  expensive and hard to get.  So, the Georgians, NO, not Georgia, USA, but the Republic of Georgia, a small country in Russia, and some very smart scientists found a way to create an enemy of the bacteria.  They found viruses, or phages as they are properly called, in waste water and rivers that matched a particular bacteria.  When exposed to the virus, the bacteria would be destroyed.   When one drinks a phage, the phage searches out that bacteria throughout the body and eliminates it.  


Clinical trials are being done all over the United States as we speak, but the guidelines make it difficult for the average patient to be included unless you are extremely critical.  When a psychiatrist at the University of San Diego came home near death from a drug resistant bacteria he acquired overseas, his wife received permission from the  FDA to send his bacteria to Georgia, a phage was found, and he is well today.  Read Tom's story.  Based on that success, the FDA granted a million dollars for clinical trials to San Diego Health.  The Center for Innovative Phage Therapy  applications was created and trials are going on now.    Unless your doctor recommends you and you are seriously ill and drug resistant, you aren't likely to be selected.      Go to


Here is the process:

Send your urine sample to Georgia

Wait for the analysis.

If there is a commercial phage they will let you know.

If you have to have a custom phage made for your particular strain of bacteria it will take about a month to find it.  And, I mean they will have to  go down to the river to look for it.  The enemy of your bacterial is somewhere in the water.

When it is ready, you will fly to London or Tbilisi, pick it up,, and fly home.

Drink your phage and get well.

There are some specifics I have not included so start doing your own research, become an informed patient and stop being an antibiotic junkie. 

Do some research on phagetherapy and try this site:


What if my IC is not caused by infection?  And that is a possibility!  However, finding the root cause then becomes the objective. 

 Using the principles of functional medicine,  I use sleuthing tools to find the  root cause.

 Is it hormonal, nutritional, heavy metal toxicity, environmental,  food sensitivities,  intestinal permeability?

These are the places I look for answers!



Whether chronic uti's result from new infection or unresolved infection is the question.  In the world of conventional medicine and infection, the word eradication is seldom discussed.  Essentially, what the antibiotics do is kill enough bugs to make you feel better, but in no way eradicates them..  For women who seem to have ongoing uti's for years, it is more likely that it is the same ongoing infectionl  

 Taking a course of antibiotics simply tends to give women a false sense of security,  that she is better, that the infection is gone and she cam now move on and enjoy  her day.

Smart women know that this scenario gets very old, tiring, hard on our immune systems, and slowly drags down our general health.   Antibiotics  trash our gut where the immune system lives by killing off the trillions of microbes that keep us healthy.

More to come about how to get off this merry-go-round of recurrent uti's.

Are you taking too much calcium?


Allowing too much calcium to run wild in your body can cause it to be deposited in soft tissue,  the arteries and the heart.  Take no more than 800 mg. a day,  preferably in divided amounts.

 Learn more about the dangers of too much calcium and get answers to health problems not solved by your last doctor visit. 

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