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From the onset of menses through the menopause, there is a transformation that takes place in all women.   The journey can be difficult or easy depending on the state of your health.  

My name is Betty McDonald and I am a holistic health practitioner specializing in the care of hormonally challenged women as well as other conditions that affect their health. Be sure to read my blog as it will inform and provide information that so many women are looking for.

Here are some questions often asked by women but so seldom answered: Why is my period painful? Why am I late, early, bleeding heavily, depressed, losing my hair, developing acne, etc.? How do I eliminate the symptoms of menopause without pharmaceuticals? What has happened to my libido? How do I get off the pill? What is the best form of contraception? How do I protect myself from osteoporosis and breast cancer? Why am I gaining weight and unable to lose it? How can endometriosis, PCOS, and fibroids be treated holistically to avoid surgery and the use of pills.

There is always an underlying reason for these and other health problems and I will help you find it and resolve it.

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Welcome - Women's Holistic Health in Palm Desert, CAMy mission is to help you discover a healthier, happier, more balanced lifestyle. Having seen the profound positive effects that Chinese medicine can have, I am sincerely grateful to be able to share these benefits with my patients. Together we can work to achieve your health and wellness goals.


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