Phagetherapy: The answer to drug resistant UTI'S

    If your urinary issues never seem to resolve, it could be for a number of reasons.   You may have an underlying simmering infection that is never eradicated. 

    Treatment for a UTI is usually based on the results of a urine culture, a very old  and biased diagnostic.

     It is biased in the sense that all women have to show 10,000 CFU'S or germ families to be considered diagnostic.  Thirty percent of the time it is wrong.

     Many women are highly symptomatic with a low simmering infection under 10,000 CFU'S.  

   Every women with a UTI is unique in the expression of her condition and no one size fits all.  

     MICROGEN DX  A wonderful diagnostic that has been around for 10 years that tells you the DNA of every microbe in your urine.  No more guesswork.  Few doctors know or care about it so bringing it to their attention is your job


     The microbes being treated today are smarter and more difficult to eradicate.   In fact, they have earned the name SUBPEBUGS to denote the difficulty of curing infections caused by them.   They attach themselves to the wall of the bladder and develop biofilms, a jelly- like substance that impairs the ability of antibiotics to do their job.  


      For women who are treated over and over for the infection that never seems to go away but keeps coming back, there is a cure.

After the second world war, eastern Europe was poor and antibiotics expensive and hard to acquire.

So , the Georgians, NOT Georgia,  USA, but the Republic of Georgia, a small country in Russia, and some very smart scientists found a way to create an enemy of the bacteria.

They found viruses, or phages as they are properly called, in waste water and rivers that matched a particular bacteria.

When exposed to the virus, the bacteria would be destroyed.   When one drinks a phage, it searches out that bacteria throughout the body and eliminates it.

     To all the patients who may be filing into hospital infusion units day after day, over and over, you don't have to do this.

     To all the women with UT'S being prescribed Macrobid or Cipro over and over again.   That just makes the bacteria become drug resistant.  Stop the cycle of antibiotic insanity and explore phagetherapy.

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