It can happen to anyone.  The day when no  one or any doctor or any medical institution can help you.  That day has come for me.   For some, the day came and no one heard them, nor gave them an option to change their future.

     I was lucky .  Because of my often annoying persistence and research I found the option my country would not tell me about.  PHAGETHERAPY  AN ALTERNATIVE TO ANTIBIOTICS.

It's ironic that the healer cannot heal herself, but happily, the healer has found a way to heal in spite of conventional medicine.  I am always looking for out of the box ways to help my patients because that is my passion.

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Here is my information:

Five years ago, I contracted a bacterial infection in the hospital.  Since then, I have been treated repeatedly with antibiotics over and over and the infection keeps coming back.
The bacteria have become resistant to the antibiotics, so I am running out of options,  risk becoming septic, and will most probably die.  Every 15 minutes, someone dies from these drug resistant nightmare bacteria.
There is a light in the tunnel, however.
After the second world war, antibiotics were hard to come by in eastern Europe, and a small country called the Republic of Georgia, found that by matching viruses found in waste water with a specific bacteria, the bacteria would die and the person cured.
Recently, a psychiatrist from San Diego Hospital returned from vacation in Luxor, Egypt with an incurable bacterial infection, resistant to all antibiotics.
His wife asked for emergency permission to use phage therapy and after matching the baumani bacteria to a specific virus, the phage cocktail was used and he is well today.
As a result, the FDA, understanding how difficult it is to treat resistant bacteria, gave a million dollars to San Diego Hospital to do clinical trials for end stage patients.  People for whom nothing else will work.  The problem is that they typically work with only one bacteria in a patient.
I have 5 bacteria.
So, I have been communicating with the Georgian-American Phagetherapy Center in Tbilisi for some time and have sent urine samples there for evaluation.   The first bacteria identified was Klebsiella.   After 6 weeks, a suitable custom phage was found to match the bacteria and I flew 28,000 miles roundtrip in 4 days to pick it up.  And it worked.
Six weeks ago I sent a sample that identified two more recurring bacteria Proteus and Faecalis.   They are in process of being created.
PROBLEM:    Phages cannot be mailed into this country.
They can be mailed into Canada or the UK to a resident of that country and be picked by me and brought with me into the US.
Or, if someone is going to Georgia they can bring them into this country.
I was treated two weeks ago for another bacteria called Citrobacter which keeps recurring and for which I don't have a phage yet.
I have been told by the doctor that there is only one more drug they can try.
My veins don't take the needle very well anymore, and there is a new infection on the average of every six weeks.  Actually, what happens is that you treat the highly active one, subdue it, and another old one that wasn't killed off comes up.
These bacteria have formed jello-like biofilms that keep antibiotics from getting to them.
My credit cards are maxed out.   I owe 400 on the phages that are coming.  I need either to get on the plane again or have some kind soul bring them to me.
The phages are 1500,   sending a urine sample is 200 and its 850 roundtrip with a long layover in Warsaw.
I am an astoundingly healthy person, but the infections have damaged my kidneys, taken my strength, and I risk going into sepsis and dying.  I would be forever grateful for your help.
I am very close to the point where the doctor says we can't help you anymore, so I really have to pull back from this cliff fast and I believe phagetherapy will let me do that.
Once I was able to go months before more infection, now it's once a month, so the need to do something now is urgent.



Today by Betty McDonald, Organizer

I have been off intravenous infusion for a week and the infection is coming back.  I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a person from Republic of Georgia with two of the phages needed to cure this infection.
I trust that the members of the Georgian Orthodox church who are helping me bring in this medicine will be calling soon.  I know the woman arrived yesterday but have heard nothing.
I will probably be back in Eisenhower on infusion within two weeks as it is impossible to eradicate this infection with antibiotics.
Very little energy today and constant abdominal pain and no Christmas really.
I have 6 bacteria contracted from a hospital and I used a phage for one and the two coming will treat those bacteria but there are two for which I don't have the money to buy at 1500 each.
If everyone would send even five dollars it would help.  Keep me in your prayers.  I will not get well ever with antibiotics and I am slowly deteriorating,  can't find a vein to place the needle anymore..