Complementary Cancer Care

Pancreatic Cancer

     Mrs. D was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 6 years ago and it is truly a miracle that she has survived this long.   However, she is a fighter and has had excellent care at the City of Hope.

    I happened to meet her as I was preparing to hike up to the cross in Palm Desert and mentioned that I was an acupuncturist.  I also explained that as a health coach I provided complementary care toc cancer patients.  She was in my office the next day and has had ongoing treatment twice a week.  She says that it boosts her energy and takes away some of the pain from what she calls hot spots.

     Any one with this sort of challenge is not always insured for acupuncture or able to pay for continuing acupuncture.     When she found that my fee was very reasonable, she was thrilled.

Her sessions are about an hour during which she usually falls asleep and wakes up rested.

     Along with acupuncture, we have discussed at length dietary changes that help, and a few supplements.  I found upon examining her lab work that she was quite low in Vitamin D, so that was corrected and she felt better.

     She is a very brave and positive person and has been a true inspiration to me.  Also, she has asked that I come in on Christmas eve to treat her so that she will feel good on Christmas Day.  It will be my pleasure.


     Xerostomia or dry mouth is caused by damage to the salivary glands during chemotherapy and radiation.  Acupuncture, thankfully has been considered effective to improve dry mouth up to 12 months after treatment.  M.D. Anderson, one of the finest cancer hospitals in the world has gone to great lengths to create a study that verified these benefits.

     Patients with dry mouth complain of the following:  A sticky, dry feeling in the mouth, thick stringy saliva, pain or a burning sensation in the mouth or on the tongue, cracks in the lips or at the corners of the mouth, and difficulty chewing, tasting, swallowing and talking.

     Acupuncture treatment is as close to you as the corner of Monterey and Fred Waring if you are local and a complimentary consult is yours to discuss your choice of treatment.  Meanwhile, read this article for more information and validation.