Tuina Medical Massage

Free your body of stress, anxiety, chronic pain and other issues with Chinese medical massage which is designed to provide a deeply therapeutic level of healing as well as relaxation.
Tui Na is a combination of eastern and western therapeutic massage and is often combined with acupuncture, fire cupping and other techniques. Tui Na techniques are therapeutic, unlike western massage that is primarily for relaxation. Tui Na seeks to reach a deeper level of energy by removing blockages in the meridians, the highways of energy that run from head to toe. Qi is a name for the life force that animates the world, that, at the atomic level of every cell is the movement of energy. Blocked energy represents stagnant qi, an interference with the energy flow of the body. The longer qi is stagnant, the more chronic the condition becomes and eventually pain develops along the meridians involved. Think of qi as a moving line of cars on the interstate and imagine the chaos when an accident occurs that stops the flow. It's very much the same thing. Also, the energy that moves qi is electricity as the electrons move through the meridians just as they do along the wires. If you are alive, you have qi, you have flow. A lifeless body has no qi.
The purpose of Tui Na is to restore balance and harmony to the body through a number of techniques that will free the flow of energy. Rolling, shaking, gliding, holding, gliding and compression are used on the affected body part to remove the disharmony. Circulation of qi in the extremities is superficial ,strong and easily accessible having a positive effect on the entire body. However, the same techniques can be applied to an individual area like the shoulder or lumbar pain from arthritis.
Tui Na can be administered instead of acupuncture and produce very much the same effect. By pressing on certain acupuncture points energy is moved in the right direction to create balance similar to the effect an acupuncture needle.
Successful treatment of insomnia, constipation, digestive disorders, and all types of pain are within the scope of Tui Na,
Prevention of disease has historically been part of the approach to medical care in Asia. Regular balancing of the body's energy ensures that chronic conditions don't develop and qi flows smoothly. An impaired flow of qi affects us not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. By maintaining free flow, the mind and the emotions can remain focused, balanced, energized and relaxed.