Reversing the Course of Macular Degeneration with Alternative Medicine

Alternative treatments for Reversing and/or stopping macular degeneration can be very successful. Many studies have shown that the health of the eyes is dependent in great part to diet. In addition to dietary changes, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, acupuncture, and hyperbaric oxygen have yielded excellent results. Most cases of AMD are a dry form that responds well to these treatments, while the remaining 10% of the wet form responds better to medications and surgery.

If you haven't been diagnosed with AMD, here is a simple test that will tell you whether you need to see your doctor. Go to this link and take the test: Look at the dot in the center of the grid and see if any of the lines look wavy. If they do, see an opthamologist. right away. If you have blind spots, impaired central vision, or objects appear different in shape or color in each of the eyes, contact him. Early diagnosis is esstential to avoid as much damage as possible to your central vision.

The Glycemic Index is a chart that indicates the rate at which each food raises blood sugar. Diets that included foods at the top 20% of the Index had a 49% increased risk of developing AMD, while those who consumed foods that ranked lowest were least likely to develop the condition. Vegetables and protein ranked lowest. To see the Glycemic Index chart, go to Another study found that those who consumed three or more servings of fruit each day had a 36% less chance of developing AMD, compared to those who had only 1.5 servings of fruit each day. It is thought that the bright colored pigments in fruit are protective against AMD.
Two major nutrients that can reduce AMD by 57% are Lutein and Zeaxanthin. A related nutrient, Astaxanthin, can retard the progress of the disease. The phenols in red wine, zinc, selenium, Riboflavin (B2) and Omega 3's are also vital. All of these can be found in whole foods: nuts, seed, green vegetables, fruits, almonds, salmon. mushrooms, garlic, onions, broccoli, poultry, etc. Eliminate all refined sugar, refined carbohydrates, partially hydrogenated oils, non-food chemicals such as(aspartame) (sweet n' low) and (Splenda),

Extraordinary results have been obtained using Frequency Specific Microcurrent. Two frequencies are delivered simultaneously; one specific for the tissue involved and one specific for the condition. The unit is approved by the FDA for sale as a TENS unit and is listed as a class-2 (safe) device. Home units are available for around $1300. In clinic treatment costs vary. Dr. Kondrot, a well known opthamalogist was the first to use the frequencies with remarkable results.

If you have macular degeneration, the plan below summarizes treatment in 5 steps. Follow them and you will have the greatest chance of improving your condition.
Five steps to assure optimum care for Macular Degeneration.

1. Continuing care under a competent opthamalogist.

2. Make the necessary dietary changes. A diet plan will be provided for you.

3. Begin taking Ocudyne II which contains 30 different nutrients specifically formulated to nourish the eye and created by doctors.

4. Contact the Natural Medicine Clinic for a free consultation.

5. Make an appointment for Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatments to reverse/stop the degenerative course of the disease.
These treatments work in concert with conventional opthamology.

You will learn everything here in my clinic that you need to know about reversing or stopping this condition from progressing .

Treatments are $30. Eight treatment minimum for effectiveness.
Not covered by insurance
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