If you have received radiation or chemotherapy and are struggling to restore your energy and vitality, consider alternative therapies that work. Fatigue and nausea can be treated with nutrition, acupuncture, herbs and massage. The needles are tiny and painless.  

Keep in mind that the chinese have been using the body's own healing energy through herbs and acupuncture for 3,000 years. For a time, it was the only medical system that existed in China and people were trained to go into the villages and known as the barefoot doctors.

An asian woman having nausea from pregnancy will call me before she will call a doctor because she knows that it works.

The doctor will prescribe a drug for nausea that will enter the bloodstream and eventually into the fetus. This isn't healthy for mother or baby.  

More and more, desert residents are taking advantage of the benefits of acupuncture as the insurance companies are [paying for it. Why? It is less expensive and it works. If you have insurance and are in any kind of physical or mental distress, ask your doctor for a referral. In many instances there is no need for a referral.

There are a few good reasons for seeing a western physican: Diagnostics, very important, Trauma and acute conditions, Surgery, and antibiotics.