Perimenopause and what to expect

The symptoms of perimenopause usually begin between 35-45 with such symptoms as heavy bleeding, hot flashes, headaches, painful periods, weight gain and sleep issues. Hormones are fluctuating during this time and may continue through menopause when periods cease usually in the early 50's.

.This is a normal transition that can be difficult for many women but is much easier with the right care. Women's Holistic Health has a program to address these issues without pharmaceutical involvement.

Abdominal adhesions: Alternatives to surgery

If you experience the pain of post surgical adhesions, then you will know how life limiting they can be. Often, a trip to the surgeon to remove them will be denied, leaving you to suffer senselessly without options. Surgery is usually only offered if they become life threatening.   Adhesions are simply part of the healing process and they usually return.

Thank goodness there are other options that I want you to know about. The two that have helped my patients are:

Visceral Massage:   Designed to stretch the fibrous bands, lengthening them to allow the organs to resume their normal position, move freely and pain.

Serrapeptase: A proteolytic enzyme that dissolves fibrin, the substance adhesions are made of, and remove it from the body.

For more information about adhesions and how to help yourself, email me and/or make an appt.